Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Tibetan Hospital built homes
Tibetan Hospital
Beijing Tibetan Hospital cum Beijing National Hospital is the only one in the Tibetan -based, multi- ethnic medicine and Western medicine combined with state-level National Hospital , National Hospital construction unit is the focus of the State Drug Administration approved the basic medical insurance in Beijing hospital.
       Beijing Tibetan Hospital was established in 1992 , co-founded by the China Tibetology Research Center and the Administrative Office of Shannan Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region . 1998 by the Central United Front Work Department , the State Ethnic Affairs Commission , the State Administration of Traditional jointly issued a document , decided to Beijing Tibetan Hospital is an expansion of the " Tibetan -based, multi- ethnic medicine as a whole, ethnic medicine , integrative medicine , medical teaching and research combine national national medical institutions , "and off-site expansion in the Asian Games in 2000 , completed in 2002 moved to its present site .
       Beijing Tibetan Hospital being built nineteen years , the Central United Front Work Department in care , the State Ethnic Affairs Commission , the State Administration of TCM , in straight Authority, the Tibet Autonomous Region , China Tibetology Research Center , Beijing Municipal Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration and other ministries and under the guidance of growing. The hospital planned GFA of 60,000 square meters , a project area of ??20,000 square meters , the floor outpatient , inpatient floor , consists of Tibetan cardiovascular specialist , diabetes specialist Tibetan , Tibetan Hepatology specialist three key national construction specialist and Tibetan medicine gastrointestinal specialist , Tibetan gynecology, surgery specialist Tibetan traditional therapy , Tibetan Tibetan cum bath inpatient rehabilitation centers and other departments ; ethnic medicine and Western medicine departments including Beijing Tibetan Hospital and Anzhen Hospital Medical Center , Department of Neurology joint , Zhuang medicine tendons Branch , Tujia doctors infertility Branch, Huang medical oncology circle toward the medical myasthenia gravis Branch, Division of Hematology Mongolian , asthma specialist , skin specialist , breast Surgery , endocrinology , urology , gynecology more than 20 specialty departments of Obstetrics , encephalopathy , dentistry , as well as the United States and China maternity , medical centers, polyclinics agency. And is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, including imports MIR, all- digital x-ray imaging systems, multi-slice spiral CT, C -arm angiography, color B , automatic biochemical analyzer. Two research buildings , floor preparation and ancillary supporting projects under construction.
       Beijing Tibetan Hospital in construction and development , focusing on close integration of clinical , research, teaching , and make full use of the advantages of capital, technology and talent to enhance the meaning of national medicine , has assumed the national, provincial and municipal scientific research more , and domestic and foreign more than a dozen research institutions to establish a research collaboration , the results of Tibetan literature in the field of research, clinical research, medicine and pharmacology studies significantly . Meanwhile I clinical teaching hospital also assumed the task of the Central University of Nationalities, the school's clinical teaching hospital . Research management is an important part of the hospital work . In order to better inheritance, mining and development of Tibetan medicine and ethnic medicine in the past 19 years, a lot of work Beijing Tibetan Hospital , especially its insights in the treatment of various incurable diseases , the number of summing cure thousands of patients on the basis of the development of national medicine conducted a prospective study , has published articles in national newspapers and magazines more than 200 articles . After nineteen years of construction , a larger scale, departments complete , fully functional, advanced equipment , quality of service , medical teaching and research in close connection with the general national hospitals have begun to take shape , and is becoming a national continuing education base , National International cooperation in the pharmaceutical base , our national heritage medical technology , promote national medical culture , cultivate an important base for national pharmaceutical talent .
       The future development of medical science , we will strive to practice the important thought Jiang Zemin "Three Represents" , based in Beijing , for the country , to the world , to continue to pursue people -oriented, patient -oriented service concept , and actively explore the national hospital management, to the hospital into a " first-class, internationally renowned for Tibetan based, multi-ethnic doctors as one of the " modern nation General Hospital and work hard. Report: Hospital opened subjects
       Currently , the hospital opened a Tibetan department of cardiovascular ( encephalopathy ) , atrophic gastritis, Hepatology , diabetic kidney specialist , five firearms , gynecology , Tibetan specialist clinics, Tibetan bath special disease ; Zhuang medicine tendons Division , infertility specialist Tujia , Yi medicine cancer specialist , etc. In addition , we also have encephalopathology specialist , breast Surgery , asthma specialist , skin specialist , rheumatoid specialist , as well as Western medicine , cardiology , cardiac surgery , neurology , neurosurgery , dentistry, immunization Branch. By Oral Tibetan natural , topical lilies, needles, moxibustion fire , Tibetan bath treatments , diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, heart disease , myocardial ischemia, cerebral thrombosis, hemiplegia , cerebral atrophy, cerebral hemorrhage , cerebral arteriosclerosis, sequelae in patients with brain surgery and other aspects , there is a very strange effect. Especially Tibetan bath therapy , with its long history and rich source of drugs , easy and inexpensive , a significant effect , susceptible patients are known.
In order to facilitate patient treatment , we also opened 24 hours dentistry clinic specializing in providing dental cleaning , repair, dental planting, orthodontics, extractions, surgery and other services ; ophthalmology cataract eye center will also be established .
        In addition, we also established a foreign medical department, welcome domestic and foreign friends come to my hospital visits, exchanges , visits and medical consultation.